NEW SINGLE ‘Delta Blues’

This month sees the long awaited official release of the first track from Jetstream’s forthcoming album by Jetstream.

This first song entitled ‘Delta Blues’ packs quite a punch and is a strong follow up to their ‘Flick the Switch’ EP, Unplugged album and their successful award winning song ‘Starlight’ in 2017.  

New Single ‘Delta Blues’ on Youtube

‘Delta Blues’ and further new tracks to be released are a culmination of months of work in several studios where the band have developed their musical direction and honed in on a new impactful sound and recording style. 


  Delta Blues is a blend of classic American rock influences mixed with EDM synths, British indie guitars and contemporary pop melodies. That’s an ecclectic mix where tones of led zeppelin, kings of Leon, stereophonics, the killers and even green day are hinted at throughout the song and brought together with production qualities akin to those on the albums of contemporary pop artists such as Ed Sheeran. This is undoubtedly a new, up to date impactful sound from Jetstream and an impressive statement of intent.

Not much is yet known about the subject matter of the song, although the suggested lyrical references point to a theme of pseudo western Americana. Jetstream rarely reveal the meanings of their songs of lyrics preferring to leave this up to the listener to interpret. The song penned by lead singer Nolan Frendo also features prominent guitar riffs and solo from lead guitarist Stuart Whitwell who is quoted as saying ‘it’s only a matter of time before guitar music is back’ a reference to a noticeable omission in popular music of 2017, 2018 of guitar based song success in favour of hip hop, EDM based music. He is not wrong, as 2018 is already seeing acts such as Imagine Dragons top the charts, the Rolling Stones return to the stage to sell out stadiums, Paul McCartney hit no 1 with a new album and recent talent such as James Bay go from strength to strength.

‘Delta Blues’ by Jetstream is now available to purchase and download on itunes, Amazon music & Google Music and to stream online on Apple Music, Spotify, & Soundcloud.Get “Delta Blues” from one of these online music stores now: Listen to New Single by Jetstream