PRESS: Rock on! Best of Gibraltar’s music scene showcased at London gig

Four Gibraltarian bands played at the 100 Club to draw attention to the music scene on the Rock

Rock on! Best of Gibraltar’s music scene showcased at London gig

Headliners indie group Jetstream were joined by Frontiers, Kristian Celecia and Manatee for the ‘Gibraltar Calling: London’ event at the 100 Club.

“Having built up a following in Gibraltar, Spain and Portugal over several years now, we are excited to be able to venture more into the UK,” Stu Whitwell from Jetstream told the Gibraltar Olive Press.

“In doing so we are always conscious that we are ambassadors of our home country and are honoured to represent Gibraltar wherever we go.”

Stu was optimistic the gig in London would also lead to bigger and better things for the band and Gibraltarian music as a whole.

“The dust hasn’t quite settled yet but we received very encouraging feedback after the performance which is what we hoped for,” he said.

“Having a performance at the 100 Club on your CV will hopefully help to open doors for the band and aid us on our quest to establish ourselves more and more in the UK and major cities around Europe.

“The Gibraltar music scene is an interesting space, there is a lot of brilliant new original music originating across Gibraltar.

“I must say that all the local musicians did a stellar job on and off the stage in London, the atmosphere was electic and the performances will hopefully have impressed,” he said.


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